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No sales, no pressure. Only consummate professionals poised to become invaluable advisors and consultants. We bring to the table unsurpassed market knowledge, sharp negotiation skills and effective marketing strategies.

At PDX Urban, we value individuality, beauty, and thinking outside the box; the homes we help you buy or sell absolutely reflect that.

Buyers: you've worked hard your whole life to make a statement about yourself, your beliefs and who you want to become – don't settle for a home that doesn't reflect you.

Sellers: everyone loves a good story; we'll help you find a unique narrative for your home employing the best language, photography and video to tell the story with authenticity and originality. We're masters at finding the most effective and budget friendly ways to put your best foot forward and optimize your sale.


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a Property that's as unique as you are

Feel like you need a master's degree in finance to navigate the process? Don't worry, we can answer all of the tricky questions and help you sail over every hurdle with skill, confidence, and success. We love this business, and can't wait to help you understand and love the process with us!