Emily Kellow

Principal Broker

Phone: 503-267-4946

For Emily, being a Realtor is more than a job, to her, it is her destiny and passion.

Emily strongly believes in “quality not quantity” small batch client care.  She is an advocate, consultant, and expert negotiator. When you hire her you are also hiring a project manager, someone who you can rely on, period.  She has your back.  Emily strives to be remembered as someone who not only helped a client make an amazing decision, but supported them through the process seamlessly.  She is someone you can trust, feel confident in, and relate to.

Emily works with all kinds of buyers and sellers, ranging from savvy investors to first timers, and loves it all. Her ability to swiftly crunch numbers, pencil things out, and speak to the finance brained person one minute, and hop to the emotional and whimsical person the very next, gives her a unique skill set that allows her to assist a wide breadth of clientele with varying needs.


Dee Reddy

Principal Broker

Phone: 503-267-7280

Dee has been a Principal Broker for PDX Urban since 2010 and has been joyfully working in the Portland Metro Real Estate Market since 2003. 

An East Coast transplant, she arrived here on a whim by train and fell in love with Portland with her first step off the platform at Union Station. Over the years she has built a reputation as a powerfully subtle negotiator and as a bit of a virtuoso when it comes to helping her clients clarify and attain their goals. She tirelessly works at curating her formidable breadth of real estate knowledge, experience and perspective.

With a deep enjoyment of all aspects of her craft, Dee strives to equally balance her time between home buyers, home sellers and investors, and has extensive experience working in the fast paced real estate market of the Portland metro area. 

Christy photo.jpg

Christy Gray


Phone: 808-683-6413

Hailing from Hawaii, Christy has a professional background as an occupational therapist and brings a unique blend of intelligence, compassion and perspective the house buying process. Christy excels at identifying and meeting the singular needs of each client.

Jen began working in the real estate market in 2014 by re-developing neglected commercial buildings. She has helped many local businesses and individuals find the ideal location for their retail and office needs. She specializes in investment real estate, development and property management and excels at finding a property's potential. Jen will help you find the perfect place for you, whether you are searching for your dream home, fixer-upper, investment property or a development opportunity.


Jen has lived in Portland since 2007 after relocating from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She lives with her family in the Woodlawn neighborhood. When she's not working, Jen likes to spend time with her family visiting the coast, hiking in the gorge, or catching a movie at one of the many great historic theaters Portland has to offer.