Here Is An Idea: Buying A Home Should Be Fun!

Buying a piece of real estate takes up a lot of time and energy. There are mountains of paperwork to read over and sign. It takes many hours, weeks, even months sometimes of research and viewing homes before you find the right fit for you. There will be moments when you feel hopeful, moments of discouragement, moments of excitement, and even in the best market conditions, moments of disappointment.

Add in the stress of moving your entire world and earthly possessions from one location to the next and it is no surprise to me at all that often buyers, sellers, and even quite a few real estate professionals lose sight of one very important characteristic of the real estate purchase process buying a home should be fun!

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Let’s look at this from another angle for a moment. Can you think of any other single purchase besides a new home that is going to have a greater impact on your day-to-day life? Your home is both the place you relax in and the place you work. It’s the place you create memories with your friends and family. It’s the place you spend your holidays and its the place you raise your children. It’s the place where you make meals to nourish you and the place you can infinitely customize to reflect your practical needs and outward aesthetics. Your home is the place you are going to lay your head down to go sleep every night.

Take some time to have all of that sink in and then ask yourself, do you want to make a decision that influences your life to such a huge degree feeling stressed and miserable or from a happy place?

I often tell my clients that real estate, especially a piece of real estate that you plan on living in, is a purchase largely made in your gut. You just know when a home feels right to you and only you have the ability to gage that feeling and tap into it. Yes true, there are many factual considerations at play such as the quality of the the home’s construction, location to nearby schools, parking concerns, crime rates, etc. etc. But if a home just doesn’t feel right then there is no reason on earth why you would want to make a commitment to purchase a particular home and spend a good portion of your life living inside it’s walls.

That is why it is extremely important to be in a good state of mind when searching for and viewing real estate. Your gut tends to make good decisions when you are having fun. Your gut can sometimes make bad decisions when you are stressed out and unhappy.

So how do you keep the home buying process fun? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. The best way is to rely on your Real Estate Agent. Make sure you find an Agent you can trust and then let your Agent do the heavy lifting. That is what a Real Estate Agent is there for and speaking for myself and many others, we love it. Ask your Agent lots of questions. I mean LOTS of questions. Never be afraid that you are asking too many questions or that your questions are stupid or silly. Believe me, they aren’t.

Your Real Estate Agent has a fiduciary duty to be honest with you and to give you accurate information to the best of his or her knowledge. A good Real Estate Agent will take that duty very seriously. Use that to your advantage. Always remember, A Real Estate Agent is your employee and you are the employer. Your the boss, not the other way around. When you work with a Real Estate Agent that you trust you can relax and rest assured that you have an expert on your side doing the work you ask them to do.

Andrew Kaiser

My name is Andrew Kaiser, welcome to my site! I have a passion for making images wherever and whenever I can. I seek to capture humanity and the world around me with a focus on the figure. Film, digital, pinhole, and instant photography are all fair game for me.

I grew up in the California Bay Area and started taking photography seriously in High School. I was one of the lucky few who had a chance to go to a high school with a working darkroom and a teacher who understood that making images was an art form – care and patience was a necessity in the image making process from start to finish.

Later in life I attended the University of California in Santa Cruz where I received a Bachelors Degree in the History of Art and Visual Culture. After having my fill of the California sunshine I packed up my life and moved to the Pacific Northwest. I quickly found the overcast skies, lush forests, cooler temperatures, and creative communities to be a perfect match for my work.

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